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Melanesian challenge

Regional co-operation ... Amena Yauvoli Regional co-operation ... Amena Yauvoli
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Diplomat calls for greater sub-regionalism

A SENIOR regional diplomat has called for more cooperation at sub-regional level to create more efficient service delivery by regional organisations. Melanesian Spearhead Group DirectorGeneral, Ambassador Amenatave Yauvoli, said it was important for the Pacific to maximise the limited resources made available by donors.

Speaking at Pacific Community headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia, Yauvoli called on regional leaders and agencies to deal with issues closer to the ground – at sub-regional level. “I note that you have indicated an ever increasing demand on our limited human and technical resources to follow the increasingly complex debate on climate change and I can sympathize with those concerns,” Yauvoli said.

“If there is one positive element that we can draw from this observation is Subhead: Diplomat calls for greater sub-regionalism Diplomat calls for greater sub-regionalism the recognition that our issue will need a global solution and the onus is on ourselves to ensure that we do engage where our priorities are and engage with them strategically.”

Yauvoli then moved to the issue of working in a cost-heavy region in which countries were separated by thousands of kilometres of ocean and travel was inhibited by high air fares. read more buy your personal copy at

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