Telikom PNG owns EMTV now

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 05 Feb 2015 -

Fiji’s television company Fiji TV today announced its divesting its Papua New Guinea owned television subsidiary Media Niugini Limited for Kina 27 million, or US$9.98 million.

July 2014

SPC wins satellite imaging awards

Many eyes will be focused on the Pacific Islands Forum and the upcoming Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States. But there are also smaller happenings that should grab the attention of Pacific Island leaders. One such is the winning of two awards by the Secretariat of the Pacific ...

November 2013

Airship for the islands?

Andrew Irvin*

I first began paying close attention to the Aeroscraft project at the start of 2012 during a stint of research for a long-term aviation project with Ben Lucas, a young physicist based in Los Angeles, along the beach just south of Santa Monica’s airport, north of the airfields of Playa ...

Palau takes fisheries surveillance to new heights

Giff Johnson

Although most islands in the Pacific have Australian-provided patrol boats, aerial surveillance is the key to effective fisheries enforcement.

July 2013

New tsunami computer model

Steve Menzies*

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) has developed a world-leading computer model to help the government of Tonga understand how Tongatapu would be impacted by a tsunami created by a magnitude 8.7 earthquake.

June 2012

SPC-ICT: Pacific MPs champion use of ICT for development

Almost all communities in the Pacific region are touched in some way by information and communication technology (ICT)— whether ‘old ICT’ such as radio, telephone and television or ‘new ICT’ such as Internet and mobile phones.

July 2012

Building resilience to natural disasters

A spate of recent natural disasters – such as the Samoan earthquake and tsunami of 2009, the Tuvaluan drought of 2011 and the Fijian flash floods in early 2012 – have had devastating effects on Pacific Island countries, claiming hundreds of lives, displacing thousands of people and placing considerable strain ...

February 2013

Mobile, social media key to developing Pacific

Dionisia Tabureguci

Using mobile telephones to leapfrog development initiatives through innovation has long been done in most developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia. Now, it is somewhat slowly taking root in the Pacific.

January 2013

Leap-frogging into the future

“…the most significant achievement of the meet was undoubtedly the updating of Article 5 of the International Telecommunication Regulations, which will play a tangible role in saving lives and assisting in the readiness and recovery process once disasters strike”

September 2012

The Cyber Spectre

Dionisia Tabureguci

If new Information Communication Technology (ICT) is best understood by Pacific Islanders as texting on mobile telephones, updating Facebook, checking e-mails, hashtagging on Twitter, uploading videos on YouTube or downloading music from the Internet, then, as the saying goes: ‘you ain’t seen nothin’ yet’.