Solomon Islands

April 2015

E-charity focus

I have finally been able to launch my charitable website to aid several organisations in the Solomon Islands that depend, largely, on donor or external aid to undertake the invaluable work they do in supporting the many women and girls still suffering from domestic and family violence, the disabled, or ...

How do you prepare for a monster storm?

Samisoni Pareti - Group Editor-in-Chief, Islands Business
Wed 08 Apr 2015 -

*In probing ‘Are We Ready?’ in our November 2014 cover, we went onto pose a pertinent question in the cover story, ‘Should the Pacific Island Countries be satisfied with the “fire engine” and “ambulance” approach to post-natural disasters/hazards in the region, or should they also begin serious discussion with donors ...

Solomon Islands government to improve fisheries management

Thu 29 Jan 2015 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----- Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said his Democratic Coalition for Change Government will be taking to Parliament new fisheries legislation to ensure proper management of the country’s fisheries.

$4m robbery in Solomon Islands turns sour, three arrested and money retrieved

Wed 28 Jan 2015 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- Two security guards of a private security firm in Solomon Islands have been hospitalized in a brutal $4million (US$520,000) robbery incident that occurred in the heart of the city in broad daylight on Monday.

Solomon Islands Prime Minister celebrates 60th birthday

Thu 22 Jan 2015 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his family treated coalition government ministers, backbenchers and staff of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to a buffet dinner at the Cowboys Grill on Saturday 17 January to celebrate the Prime Minister’s 60th birthday.

Who will be the new PM of Solomon Islands?

Fri 05 Dec 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- The question looming in the minds of many Solomon Islanders is who will be the country’s next Prime Minister?

Second Coalition forming in Solomon Islands

Wed 03 Dec 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- A second coalition with intentions to form the new government of Solomon Islands is claiming it has the number advantage over the existing Solomon Islands People's Democratic Coalition.

$10m of AusAID funds stolen in Solomon Islands

Mon 24 Nov 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----Fraudsters in suspected collusion with Solomon Islands government officials have embezzled an estimated $10 million in Australian foreign aid funds destined for hospitals and clinics, some through a fake company called Joke Shipping Services.

Solomons voters shun political parties, caretaker PM Gordon Darcy Lilo concedes he has lost seat

Mon 24 Nov 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- The Solomon Islands Prime Minister has lost his seat in the country's general election, with most of the 33 returning MP's running as independents.

Backing expected on Fiji Forum stand

Fri 31 Oct 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----A Pacific consultant says some other Pacific Islands Forum members may well agree with Fiji's stance on Australia and New Zealand taking a backseat in the Forum.

Record 12 fishing vessels under investigation as FFA’s Operation Kurukuru ends

Mon 27 Oct 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----—The region’s annual large-scale maritime surveillance sweep of Pacific fishing waters has netted a record 12 vessels in potential breach of their fishing licenses. The vessels, nabbed by Fisheries Maritime Police from FSM (6), PNG (5) and Palau (one) are flagged to Thailand, the Philippines and FSM. ...

ANZ Solomon Islands measures impact of financial literacy training

Mon 27 Oct 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ---ANZ today launched its first MoneyMinded Impact Report in the Solomon Islands, following on from the financial literacy program’s launch in 2011.

Solomon Islands workers head out to NZ

Mon 29 Sep 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- As the orchards of New Zealand become ready for harvesting more and more of our local workers are now heading overseas to join hundreds of other Pacific Islanders in harvesting fruits from various farms and orchards.

Solomons women flee domestic violence

Thu 18 Sep 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- Increasing domestic violence in Solomon Islands is being blamed for the rise in the number of women and children seeking shelter in a care-centre in Honiara.

Solomon Islands aims for November election

Mon 15 Sep 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- The Solomon Islands electoral commission plans to hold the general election in November.

PMs enter Fiji-Solomons Airline impasse

Fri 05 Sep 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----The Prime Ministers of Fiji and Solomon Islands have been called on to sort out the row over civil aviation rights that has seen flights between the two countries suspended for seven weeks.

Bank report identifies political interference in state companies

Samisoni Pareti In Apia, Samoa.
Sat 30 Aug 2014 -

The Asian Development Bank today released a damming report on the poor performance of state owned enterprises in a number of Pacific Island economies, singling out political interference as a major contributing factor.

Child labour,trafficking is common in Pacific

Fri 29 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ---- labour and trafficking is common in the Pacific Island countries but proper information on the issue was never passed on to people who need to know of such issue.

Pacific Islands operation catches three vessels suspected of IUU

Fri 29 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ---- Legal investigations are underway in Kiribati and Papua New Guinea, after three vessels were found reportedly fishing illegally in Pacific Islands waters.

Family Protection Bill receives support

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA,Solomon Islands ----Debate in Solomon Islands Parliamenton the Family Protection Bill 2014 concludes on Monday.

Temotu Pele MP Dies

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----Solomon Islands Member of Parliament for Temotu Pele Martin Magga has died late on Monday night.

U.S Secretary of State arrives today in Solomon Islands

Wed 13 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- United States Secretary of State John Kerry arrives today on his first visit to Solomon Islands.

Smallest FFA member to grow SIDS voice at PIFS table

Thu 07 Aug 2014 -

HONIARA, Solomon Islands ----Tokelau's admission to associate membership of the Pacific Islands Forum is a welcome milestone that will boost oceans and fisheries issues in the region’s peak policy body.

[EXCLUSIVE] RAMSI under the microscope

Nic Maclellan in Koror, Palau
Wed 30 Jul 2014 -

Pacific leaders gathered in Palau for the Pacific Islands Forum will be presented with a new report that assesses one of the region’s key initiatives – the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

Fiji, Solomon Air War Worsens

Samisoni Pareti
Tue 29 Jul 2014 -

The flight dispute between Fiji and Solomon Islands has worsened with Fiji announcing its decision to prevent Air Niugini from picking up Solomon Airline passengers from Nadi International Airport.