China-bound cattle cargo causes Suva Port Scare

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 15 Jan 2015 -

Vigilant bio-security officers in Fiji had to call on the Fiji Navy to escort an international cargo freighter out of Suva Harbour this week because of its undeclared cargo: 7200 heads of cattle.

October 2013


Dionisia Tabureguci

International shipping in this part of the world is famously fraught with irregularities and high freight costs that finding a solution to satisfy both governments and the shipping companies is still an unresolved enigma, especially where the very small Pacific islands countries are concerned. Imagine having to service a handful ...

September 2013

Getting our seafarers ready for high seas duties

Robert Matau

In April 2009, 24 crew members of MV Hansa Stavanger, a German container ship, were captured by heavily armed Somali pirates. Unarmed and no match for the pirates the sailors were held in captivity for four months with a ransom of US$15 million demanded for their release.

May 2013

Connecting Solomon Islands by sea


An innovative maritime project is improving the safety and efficiency of domestic maritime services, spurring rural development in Solomon Islands and it is shaping up to be a model for similar projects in the Pacific region as SALLY SHUTE-TREMBATH* reports.

New ship for Tokelau

Tue 19 Mar 2013 -

NUKUNONU, Tokelau --- NZ-administered Tokelau is looking for tenders to design and construct a new ship for the tiny islands.

May 2012

Steaming ahead with K5.8m development

Patrick Matbob

PNG Maritime College, the Pacific’s premier maritime institution, is steaming ahead with the opening of new facilities to lift the standard of seamen training in the region.

June 2012

PNG’s worst peace-time disaster

Rowan Callick

The Rabaul Queen was a vessel doomed to die. When it finally turned turtle, it took more than 200 people—mostly children and students —down with it, mostly trapped in overcrowded cabins, down to the 3,000-metre depths where it now lies.

April 2012

Solomons’ new fish licence policy

Robert Matau

The region’s leading tuna management control authority in the Pacific believes the latest move by the Solomon Islands to give priority to fishing companies that invest in the country would influence investment and offer more employment for locals.

Bigger ships, bigger risks

On January 13, 2012, the world witnessed one of the worst cruise ship disasters in decades.

March 2012

Improving inter-island shipping

Eugenue Zhukov

Domestic shipping services in many Pacific islands countries are far from adequate.