Island species at risk with sea level rise

Wed 10 Apr 2013 -

YALE, USA ---- Terrestrial species on low-lying islands and coastal regions are vulnerable to sea level rise due to climate-change, the most vulnerable species being endemics with limited ranges and rare species that are endangered already.

July 2011

Anti-venom work puts PNG on world map

Malum Nalu

For the past several years, a small group of Papua New Guinean researchers, led by an Australian scientist, has been working on developing a new treatment for one of PNG’s most neglected public health problems.

October 2012

The 1954 Bravo test: In the eyes of a 2-year-old

Jeban Riklon traveled half way around the world to be present at the September 13 United Nations Human Rights Council's hearing on the human rights impact of US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.