Papua New Guinea

September 2014

Leadership choice crucial to Fiji poll result

Dennis Rounds

Fiji’s September 17 General Election will be decided primarily on the quality of political leadership on offer rather than on political platforms and manifestos. Media-driven interviews and general political coverage of the election campaigns has focused largely on the leadership qualities of party stewards and only sparsely on the actual ...

Thirty nine years of independent Papua New Guinea

Rowan Callick

Thirty nine years this month a proud independent nation, Papua New Guinea is starting at last to box its weight as a real regional force as well. At last month’s Pacific Islands Forum summit in Palau, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill highlighted that his country had committed almost 300 million kina ...

Bank report identifies political interference in state companies

Samisoni Pareti In Apia, Samoa.
Sat 30 Aug 2014 -

The Asian Development Bank today released a damming report on the poor performance of state owned enterprises in a number of Pacific Island economies, singling out political interference as a major contributing factor.

PNG PM queried over Air Niugini catering using Fijian Made Water

Fri 29 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ----Papua New Guinea Prime Minister O’Neill was taken to task to explain why Papua New Guinea’s flag carrier Air Niugini was still serving Fijian made water and Australian made biscuits in all its international flights.

PNG Minister warns NBC to take stock

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG -----A papua New Guinea Cabinet Minister has directed the National Broadcasting Corporation board and management to produce results by next month or face the consequences.

PNG National Capital District Governor reaches out to HIV vulnerable

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG -----Papua New Guinea National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says the “HIV most-at-risk” population must be attended to effectively.

National Broadcasting Corporation aims higher: Chairman

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG -----The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)is aiming to be the first communication establishment in country and the Pacific to own and regulate a domestic satellite system.

Next 10 years crucial for PNG: PM O'Neill

Wed 27 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says the next five to 10 years is a very crucial period for setting the agenda for the country.

PNG PM defends govt service delivery

Fri 22 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG --- Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill Thursday defended his Government’s track record in delivering services into the districts, saying funds were finally getting into rural communities after 40 years.

Calls for PNG to implement gun control recommendations

Fri 22 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, --- The author of a report on gun violence in Papua New Guinea says none of his recommendations have been acted on, nine years after he handed his findings to then prime minister, Sir Michael Somare.

Suspects arrested over asylum seeker’s death in Manus

Wed 20 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG --- Two suspects have been arrested so far by Papua New Guinea police over the murder of Iranian Razza Barati who was violently beaten to death inside the asylum seekers processing centre earlier this year in Manus.

Questions over the Ombudsman Commission Referral

Thu 14 Aug 2014 -

I question the motive and reasoning behind the referral of the Prime Minister to the public prosecutor over the national government’s decision to invest in Oil Search Limited.

Papua New Guinea’s fiscal frailty

Thu 14 Aug 2014 -

Despite having one of the fastest growing economies in the world and a booming resource sector, PNG is facing its own ‘resource curse’. Six months into 2014, the government appears to have fallen short in sticking to its budget plans.

PNG Ombudsman Commission referred Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

Wed 13 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has been referred to the public prosecutor for alleged misconduct in office.

Golden Mum praises Wisil

Mon 11 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ----PNG’s golden sweetheart Dika Toua true to her humble nature sang praises of her teammate Toea Wisil for her outstanding efforts during the recent Commonwealth Games.

Heroes’ welcome for PNG champs

Mon 11 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORRESBY, PNG ---They returned to a reception that had the Jackson’s International Airport at a standstill. With supporters and family arriving in truckloads, it seemed like all of Hanuabada had arrived to welcome back Dika Toua and Steven Kari.

Bougainville House passes historic mining bill

Mon 11 Aug 2014 -

BUKA, PNG --- The passing of the Bougainville Mining (Transitional Arrangements) Bill 2014 by Bougainville Parliament on Friday was an historic occasion for the Autonomous Region.

Sacked PNG Minister back as cabinet Minister, MP steps down, takes on new role

Mon 11 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG --- Hagen MP William Duma, who was sacked as petroleum minister, has returned to cabinet as a new minister in a minor reshuffle announced by Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill last Friday.

China's Ramu nickel mine in PNG restarts after attacks - embassy

Fri 08 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG --- A Chinese-owned nickel mine in Papua New Guinea has resumed production three days after an attack by armed villagers forced work to halt, a Chinese embassy official in the South Pacific country said on Thursday.

PNG Clerk of Parliament suspended

Fri 08 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG --- The Papua New Guinea National Executive Council (NEC) has suspended the Clerk of Parliament, Vela Konivaro, over serious allegations of financial mismanagement.

Diplomatic spat between PNG and Fiji

Thu 07 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---The Papua New Guinea Government Wednesday was forced to defend the selection process that resulted in the election of Dame Meg Taylor as the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

PNG'S new minimum wage rate to comply with

Wed 06 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ----All companies operating in Papua New Guinea should now comply with the new minimum wage of K3.20 (US$1.30) per hour set up by the minimum wage board last month.

PNG PM cautious on asylum seekers

Wed 06 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has indicated that locations for the resettlement of asylum seekers may have been identified.

PM O’Neill: Budget covers disaster

Wed 06 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- Papua New Guinea has taken the lead in not only telling the world that rising sea levels is a serious issue but has also taken steps to mitigate climate change challenges affecting small island States in the region.

PNG's Kundu 2 Television News Editor dies

Tue 05 Aug 2014 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- The Papua New Guinea National Television Services, Kundu2 and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) are mourning the death of one of their senior officers.