Pacific Region

How do you prepare for a monster storm?

Samisoni Pareti - Group Editor-in-Chief, Islands Business
Wed 08 Apr 2015 -

*In probing ‘Are We Ready?’ in our November 2014 cover, we went onto pose a pertinent question in the cover story, ‘Should the Pacific Island Countries be satisfied with the “fire engine” and “ambulance” approach to post-natural disasters/hazards in the region, or should they also begin serious discussion with donors ...

Telikom PNG owns EMTV now

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 05 Feb 2015 -

Fiji’s television company Fiji TV today announced its divesting its Papua New Guinea owned television subsidiary Media Niugini Limited for Kina 27 million, or US$9.98 million.

Speculation over changes in Fiji and the Pacific’s banking sector

Dennis Rounds and Samisoni Pareti
Mon 19 Jan 2015 -

Fiji’s business sector is abuzz with speculations about possible major changes on the local and Pacific regional banking scenes.

China-bound cattle cargo causes Suva Port Scare

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 15 Jan 2015 -

Vigilant bio-security officers in Fiji had to call on the Fiji Navy to escort an international cargo freighter out of Suva Harbour this week because of its undeclared cargo: 7200 heads of cattle.

January 2015

Winners and losers in Big Samoa Tuna Meeting

Samisoni Pareti*

WATCH Pacific island countries enforce their own measures against overfishing of local tuna fishery following the dramatic failure by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) to agree to a reduction in fishing efforts at its annual negotiation sessions in Samoa last December. Already the eight island countries that ...

Pacific Sport: The best of 2014

Peter Rees
Tue 09 Dec 2014 -

It was a remarkable year for athletes of Pacific heritage in the international arena.

WCPFC chair makes early exist

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa.
Fri 05 Dec 2014 -

In a yet to be explained move, the chair of the WCPFC Dr Charles Karnell has left Samoa, leaving delegates of the 11th session of the Commission to try and forge some agreements on measures to manage the Pacific’s tuna fishery.

WCPFC Apia Meeting Shut Down

Samisoni Pareti, in Apia, Samoa.
Fri 05 Dec 2014 -

Pacific journalists who have been covering the 11th session of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Apia this week have been told they won't be allowed into cover the final session of the meeting scheduled for 3pm today.

Tackling the tough stuff

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa.
Thu 04 Dec 2014 -

Its the second last day of the annual tuna fishing negotiations in Samoa today and its still not clear whether delegates will be able to agree on more control measures to avoid the overfishing of the Pacific's depleting tuna stock .

Greenpeace accuses Philippines of juvenile tuna fishing

Samisoni Pareti* In Apia, Samoa.
Wed 03 Dec 2014 -

The Philippines – a member of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission – currently meeting in Apia this week has been accused of flouting rules against the fishing of juvenile tuna.

Tuvalu ‘son’ secures top WCPFC job

Samisoni Pareti* in Apia, Samoa.
Wed 03 Dec 2014 -

Sitting beside his lead supporter – Tuvalu’s Minister of Fisheries -- during a press conference this morning, Feleti Teo said he was still coming to terms with the enormity of the decision by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission to appoint him as their Executive Director.

Tuvalu’s Feleti Teo jostles for top WCPFC job

Samisoni Pareti* In Apia, Samoa.
Tue 02 Dec 2014 -

Will long time Tuvalu and Pacific civil servant Feleti Teo get the nod to become the new executive director of the Secretariat of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission?

Vote verification in Fiji's elections enters day four

Netani Rika
Sun 21 Sep 2014 -

VERIFICATION of the counting process continued throughout today (Sunday) as Fiji’s General Election process drew towards its end.

Fiji First Party gunning for huge win

Samisoni Pareti
Sat 20 Sep 2014 -

Slowly but surely, Frank Bainimarama’s Fiji First Party is increasing its lead in the number of votes its leader and the rest of its candidates are winning in the country’s general elections.

Election Commission rejects parties’ irregularity complains

Samisoni Pareti
Sat 20 Sep 2014 -

Allegations of corrupt and irregular practices from political parties opposed to Frank Bainimarama’s Fiji First Party have been rejected as lacking substance and unfounded.

Fiji Election Result Update: 7am (fiji time)

Samisoni Pareti
Sat 20 Sep 2014 -

Counting in Fiji's general elections enters its third day at the capital's largest indoor sports complex located in the capital Suva, with progress of the count to be released throughout today, (Saturday 20th September).

Parties refuse to accept election defeat

By Samisoni Pareti
Thu 18 Sep 2014 -

Five political parties that took part in the country’s general elections say they won’t accept the outcome of the elections and has called on the authorities to suspend vote count until their complaints are investigated.

International observers declare Fiji elections “credible”

By Samisoni Pareti
Thu 18 Sep 2014 -

The international group of electoral observers has declared as “credible” Fiji’s general elections, the result of which will see the election into a four-year term of the island country’s Prime Minister and Leader of the Fiji First Party, Frank Bainimarama.

Frank Bainimarama’s Party poises for Fiji election win

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 18 Sep 2014 -

Provisional results from Fiji’s general elections show Frank Bainimarama’s Fiji First Party at a comfortable lead and his party is most likely to form the next elected government of this Pacific island nation.

Traditional canoes join UN SIDS Conference in Apia

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa
Mon 01 Sep 2014 -

Two traditional canoes have arrived in Apia from Hawaii as part of a campaign to urge world leaders to take greater action to protect our oceans.

Spectacular start to UN Conference on SIDS in Samoa

Samisoni Pareti, in Apia, Samoa.
Sun 31 Aug 2014 -

Samoa lifted its restrictions on work and cultural activities on Sunday to put on a spectacular cultural show to welcome United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and leaders and officials of UN member countries that are in Apia to attend the 3rd international conference on small-island developing states.

Partnerships for Ocean protection: SPREP, National Geographic Society, Waitt Foundation team together

Sun 31 Aug 2014 -

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP), the National Geographic Society and the Waitt Foundation have announced a new partnership to promote marine resource conservation and the associated sustainable economic development of Small Island Developing States in the Pacific region.

'It's in our DNA to conserve the ocean'

Samisoni Pareti, Editor-in-Chief, Islands Business magazine
Sun 31 Aug 2014 -

Two days before world leaders begin their weeklong conference on sustainable development in this Pacific island nation, small island developing states have been inspired to follow the lead of countries like the Cook Islands, Kiribati and Palau in turning most if not a large part of their oceans marine reserves.

Bank report identifies political interference in state companies

Samisoni Pareti In Apia, Samoa.
Sat 30 Aug 2014 -

The Asian Development Bank today released a damming report on the poor performance of state owned enterprises in a number of Pacific Island economies, singling out political interference as a major contributing factor.

Pacific island countries urged to produce more healthy local foods at competitive prices

Wed 19 Mar 2014 -

Retail food outlets in Pacific island countries are increasingly selling imported processed foods that are pricing locally produced, healthier foods out of the market and affecting the health of islanders, warns the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).