Marshall Islands

Taiwan fishing boat, crew arrested in Marshalls, face US$6.5M fine

Mon 16 Feb 2015 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands --- A Taiwan-flagged fishing vessel, its fishing master and radio operator have been arrested in Majuro and charged with multiple criminal counts of illegal fishing and interfering with fisheries observers.

Search for Earhart plane on remote island

Mon 26 Jan 2015 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- A search is underway on a remote atoll in the Marshall Islands aimed at solving the mysterious disappearance of American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Fishing day availability in Marshalls tight as price rises

Mon 19 Jan 2015 -

MAJURO, MARSHALL ISLANDS ---- Availability of fishing days for purse seiners in 2015 and 2016 will be limited in the Marshall Islands, likely resulting in higher than the benchmark prices being paid by distant water fishing fleets that want to fish in this central Pacific nation’s waters.

January 2015

Marshalls 2015: Year of election

Giff Johnson

WITH its national election scheduled for November, the Marshall Islands is already in campaign mode. Stakes are high for a number of reasons, including an ongoing crisis in management at the Ministry of Health that has confounded the past three administrations, numerous reform initiatives that have been delayed by the ...

Fiji joins body on Pacific Bluefin tuna fishery

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa.
Thu 04 Dec 2014 -

Fiji has become the 3rd South Pacific island country to join the Northern Committee of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

Tackling the tough stuff

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa.
Thu 04 Dec 2014 -

Its the second last day of the annual tuna fishing negotiations in Samoa today and its still not clear whether delegates will be able to agree on more control measures to avoid the overfishing of the Pacific's depleting tuna stock .

Mayors support ‘blanket permit’ for super-yachts

Mon 27 Oct 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ----Outer island mayors of the Marshall Islands have expressed their interest in seeing the Marshall Islands become a destination for super-yachts.

Domestic violence complaints skyrocket in Marshall Islands

Mon 27 Oct 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- A sudden increase in domestic violence complaints has resulted in the Marshall Islands High Court issuing numerous restraining orders against men over the past two months.

Bank report identifies political interference in state companies

Samisoni Pareti In Apia, Samoa.
Sat 30 Aug 2014 -

The Asian Development Bank today released a damming report on the poor performance of state owned enterprises in a number of Pacific Island economies, singling out political interference as a major contributing factor.

Marshall Islands seeks support for ICJ cases against nuclear state

Mon 11 Aug 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- The Marshall Islands is looking to civil society and the international community for support in its lawsuits against nuclear weapons states at the International Court of Justice, according to dignitaries from the islands visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombings of ...

IACT Delivers Food Safety and HACCP Certification Training in Marshall Islands

Fri 08 Aug 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands --- A workshop on Food Safety Program and HACCP certification training geared towards improving the standards and quality of Marshallese Made products is currently ongoing in the Republic of Marshall Islands and will end on the 8th of August 2014.

August 2014

Fisheries expert hurries off with stern warning

Giff Johnson

Majuro — Glenn Hurry is the first of two important and long-term fisheries management officials to be leaving regional posts over the next six months. Hurry, after four years as executive director of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) and a previous five years as its chairman, departs ...

Marshalls face struggle to deport over-stayers

Mon 14 Jul 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands --- Three Marshall Islands deportation cases now tied up in court show the difficulty the government faces at it attempts to remove aliens from the country.

Majuro utility solves power problem

Tue 10 Jun 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- Majuro power engineers averted a long-term shut down of power in the capital city after they were able to fix the power plant’s main generator late Friday night.

Medical team performs knee, hip replacements in Majuro

Tue 10 Jun 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- In a country with a hospital that frequently runs out of basic medicines and has backup generators that often don’t work when there is a city power outage, plunging the hospital into complete darkness, it would seem that sophisticated surgery for hip and knee replacements would ...

Marshall Islands domestic air service grinds to a halt

Mon 14 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ----Both Air Marshall Islands or AMI planes are grounded waiting for parts and at least one of them is not expected to be flying until early May.

Marshall Islands sets record for fishing day sales

Tue 08 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands — The Marshall Islands has sold fishing days for US$7,000 — setting a price record for the country since a vessel day scheme or VDS went into force five years ago.

Cartagena group expresses climate action optimism: Marshall Islands foreign Minister

Mon 07 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- — An international climate meeting in Marshall Islands last week has “forged a common purpose around a set of objectives” for a new global climate agreement, said Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony deBrum on Friday.

Marshall Islands won't give up war on climate change

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO,Marshall Islands TV3) ---Rising sea levels and increasing temperatures caused by human activity was a key finding of a seven-year report by a UN panel on climate change released Monday.

Marshall Islands minister unsure of Australia's stance on climate change

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands -----The foreign minister of Marshall Islands, Tony de Brum, says he's extremely disappointed by Australia's approach to climate change.

Marshall Islands President first to commit to Ban's climate summit

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ------The President of the Marshall Islands is the first world leader to confirm his attendance at Ban Ki-moon‘s climate change summit this September.

Japan gives Marshalls second $2 million grant in 2014

Wed 26 Mar 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- Japan will be providing the Marshall Islands with its second US$1.95 million grant to purchase water-making and other equipment for the islands.

CNMI got ‘jacked,’ fishery management council is told

Fri 21 Mar 2014 -

SAIPAN, Marshall Islands ----- The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council, which has authority over federally managed fisheries in Hawai`i, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Pacific remote island areas, began its week-long meeting March 17 and 18 at the Fiesta Resort on ...

No-confidence motion defeated in Marshall Islands

Wed 19 Mar 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ----- The second no-confidence motion in four months brought against government of Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak was defeated Tuesday afternoon by a vote of 17-13, with three members of parliament absent.

King tide floods Marshall Islands capital

Mon 03 Mar 2014 -

MAJURO, Marshall Islands ---- A high tide energised by storm surges has flooded many parts of Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands, and weather officials have warned of more flooding with tonight's high tide.