April 2014

Impact on Brand Malaysia

“Many lessons are there to be learned from the unfortunate, as yet unexplained disappearance of MH 370. And it is imperative that all parties concerned need to be transparent – not least the concerned airline and the country’s Government” ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Trilateral talks about Fiji at ASEAN ministerial meeting

Wed 03 Jul 2013 -

BRUNEI, Asia --- Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has been trying to advance the case for the restoration of democracy in Fiji at talks Tuesday with ministerial counterparts from South East Asia and the Pacific.

Malaysia faces tight election race

Tue 23 Apr 2013 -

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia ---- Malaysia is in the grip of its closest election campaign in the 56 years since independence. The poll must be held by the end of April, although the date hasn't been set.