April 2015

E-charity focus

I have finally been able to launch my charitable website to aid several organisations in the Solomon Islands that depend, largely, on donor or external aid to undertake the invaluable work they do in supporting the many women and girls still suffering from domestic and family violence, the disabled, or ...

March 2015


Maldives, not Marshalls THE Marshall Islands has any number of beautiful islands so it seems odd to illustrate a story on the country with a photo of the Maldives (January IB p. 33) – even if it was only one ocean away. John Connell School of Geosciences, University of Sydney. ...

February 2015

Free West Papua

THANK you for the coverage on West Papua in your January issue. I was pleasantly surprised to see that IBI went to great lengths to cover what is to me - the greatest cover up of the 21st Century and that - happening right in our Pacific backyard. So kudos ...


Thu 15 Jan 2015 -

Pacific Person of the Year WHEN you made this choice, did you think of young Sakiusa Rabaka’s family? And all those whose lives have been taken by the will and whim of Frank’s regime without one iota of remorse. Are you able to overlook all of the electoral irregularities so ...

August 2014

Land - source of sustenance

On behalf of the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defense Alliance (MILDA), we are writing to provide a different view on a recent editorial promoting land registration for the Pacific. We wonder who authored this letter and in whose interest it was written? For Pacific peoples, land isn’t just about making money, ...

July 2014

Greenpeace’s ‘remote control’

I would like to express condolences on behalf of Greenpeace for the passing of Laisa Taga. Our deepest thoughts are with her colleagues and family in their grieving.

June 2014

Nauru Debacle

Your article on Nauru (IB MARCH 2014) contains many inaccuracies and accepts as true untested and generalised defamatory allegations from unnamed persons against ex magistrate Peter Law.

December 2013

Fiji flag

Recently much publicity has been given by one of the two Fiji dailies on an Englishman proudly unfurling the Fiji flag on the roof of the world, Mt Everest.

October 2013

Polygamy ups AIDS cases in PNG

The assertion that polygamy contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS is mistaken. The issue is men having sex with those who are not their wives; it is not the number of wives. Your own article acknowledges that the rise in infections was “due to sexual relationships outside marriage.” Why then ...

September 2013

Anti-Australian bias

I am Getting a bit of tired of the Anti - Australian bias from your magazine. If you haven’t got the balls to criticise the biased dictatorship of your own country, then I don’t think you have a licence to comment on anyone else’s.

Lost confidence

I have come to a stage where I no longer believe in an united Papua New Guinea. I have totally lost confidence in our united efforts to correct the many wrongs that continue to divide our country into ethnic divide. When things go wrong, we use the excuse of “oh, ...

April 2013

Pacific Plan Review

I read with interest Professor Wadan Narsey’s recent article in ISLANDS BUSINESS referring to the Pacific Plan Review (published on February 27 and entitled “An emerging chasm in Pacific integration”). It’s wonderful the review is sparking interest around the region—including from established academics such as Professor Narsey—but it’s a little ...

The ‘dirty secret’ of the region

The United Nations (UN) dirty secret is that West Papua is a trust territory. In 1962, the UN sent a military occupation force to West Papua under the General Assembly Resolution 1752 (XVII), a use of force the General Assembly is allowed under Article 85 and Chapter XII of the ...

September 2012


April 2012

West Papua: Not a problem of Melanesia only

A little over 50 years ago when Indonesia annexed West Papua, it was not to liberate the Melanesians from Dutch rule, it was to gain valuable fertile land with considerable mineral and oil wealth and enormous dense tropical rainforests.

PNA’s self-promotion misleading

The on-going self-promotion by the PNA as the Western and Central Pacific’s saviour for tuna is blatantly misleading and a farce.

November 2012

Canberra Diary: Capital letter

Like most major national capital precincts around the world, Canberra, too, has that geometrically clinical, imperiously distant quality about it.


October 2012


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