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Tuvalu’s Feleti Teo jostles for top WCPFC job

Samisoni Pareti* In Apia, Samoa.
Tue 02 Dec 2014 -

Will long time Tuvalu and Pacific civil servant Feleti Teo get the nod to become the new executive director of the Secretariat of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission?

July 2012

Forum eyes on China

If you have a project in mind, just ask Beijing for yuan. You stand a better chance of a generous handout or soft loan from China than any other donor.

August 2012

Get out of aid mentality

Dr. Transform Aqorau & Maurice Brownjohn

The fish market, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, wharves, airfield, water tanks, etc, have signs saying funded either by USAid, AusAid, EU, JICA, NZAid, Taiwan, China, or ADB. There is a vehicle in Tarawa with the words “we love Taiwan” written across it.

Aust/France improved relations worry Temaru

Nic Maclellan

But the close ties between Australia and France will not please President Oscar Temaru in French Polynesia, with Australia opposing the Maohi leader’s call for re-inscription with the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation.

Healing the Forum divide

Dr Roman Grynberg

This August leaders will meet in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands at the annual Pacific Islands Forum Summit and many weighty issues will be discussed but almost all will be settled by officials well before the meeting begins.

PIF at a crossroad

Dr Michael O’Keefe

Later this month, Leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) will arrive in Rarotonga to a packed agenda.

February 2013

What lies ahead for the Forum?

Dr Roman Grynberg

The last three years have certainly been amongst the most difficult in the history of the Pacific Islands Forum.

January 2013

New Players, Challenges Vision

Nic Maclellan

Last month, Sir Mekere Morauta launched a new website, calling for public submissions into his review of the Pacific Plan. Over the next eight months, the former Papua New Guinea Prime Minister will lead a team around the region to look at the plan, which is supposed to set priorities ...

October 2012

Forum with a difference

Rowan Callick

The security agents of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were instructed to leave their guns behind at Rarotonga Airport in the Cook Islands.

PIFS review needs to be taken seriously

Matthew Dornan

The Leaders' Meeting of the 43rd Pacific Islands Forum was held in the Cook Islands in late-August. The event was attended by delegates from over 60 countries, including high level dignitaries such as Hillary Clinton (first time for a US Secretary of State), and resulted in new donor funding in ...

Renaissance in long-overlooked region?

Stephen P. Groff

Reflecting on this year's successful Pacific Forum Leaders' Summit in the idyllic island paradise of the Cook Islands, one might ask if we are witnessing a renaissance in this long-overlooked region.

Gender equality’s not just the right thing: Clinton

Rowan Callick

The participation of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the post-Pacific Islands Forum dialogue this year proved especially appropriate since the role of women had been for once pushed to the fore.

December 2012

What actually happened at the PNG PACP meeting

Laisa Taga, Editor-in-Chief

So the PACP (Pacific group of the African, Caribbean, Pacific group of states) leaders have spoken. They have made their point loud and clear: They’ve had enough of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS). They want Fiji back into the PACP fold. Plus, they want to handle all EPA (a ...