February 2014

Fiji to sharpen teeth on money laundering

Dionisia Tabureguci

Interception of communication through such means as the tapping of telephones lines will soon be legalised in Fiji as part of national effort to combat money laundering and anti-terrorism financing.

July 2011

Out of the ashes

Sally Shute-Trembath

It took almost a century for Tommie Seriate to open her first bank account. Prior to walking into a branch of Nationwide Microbank in May 2011, this 49-year-old subsistence farmer from the rural Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea kept her earnings buried in the ashes of the fireplace ...

June 2012

French BRED Bank eyes the Pacific

Robert Matau

Expect new money (new credit) into Fiji’s financial system when the new commercial French owned Bred Bank begins operation in Fiji in September. Also expect the lowering of interest rates.

More controversies for cash-strapped pension fund

Haidee V. Eugenio

It’s been 19 years since former police and quarantine officer Frederick C. Ngeskabei retired, that’s why he was shocked and frustrated to receive on May 2012 a letter from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Retirement Fund saying he has to pay back $225,000 in alleged overpayment since ...