April 2014

South Pacific Albacore Tuna crisis: collective action of the Pacific Islands is the way forward

James Movick, Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency

James Movick, Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency There has been a lot of press coverage in the past few months about the crisis in the southern albacore tuna longline fishery. Long liners laid off left, right and centre; world albacore prices are low; and many of ...

June 2012

The Grand party is on

Merita Huch

There’s extra excitement in the air as the Samoan Government and its people get ready to host perhaps the biggest celebrations in its history through its golden jubilee year of independence.

Samoa—the darling of the Pacific

Staff Reporters

If Samoa was once known as the Navigator Islands, then the Gods must have blessed the island nation with very skilled and exceptional navigators that have successfully steered it through half a century of political independence.

July 2012

Managing our underwater wealth, with great care

Balancing the careful development of a deep sea mineral industry and environmental concerns can be a veritable minefield for PACP governments.

Building resilience to natural disasters

A spate of recent natural disasters – such as the Samoan earthquake and tsunami of 2009, the Tuvaluan drought of 2011 and the Fijian flash floods in early 2012 – have had devastating effects on Pacific Island countries, claiming hundreds of lives, displacing thousands of people and placing considerable strain ...

Levelling the playing field for Pacific people

For many in the region, the path to better livelihoods comes paved with a number of obstacles. A vast majority lack basic access to information and communications technology (ICT) like mobile phones, computers and the Internet, essential in today’s global economy.

Ensuring there’s plenty of fish in the sea

It’s no secret that the region’s fisheries resources – an important source of food and export revenues for Pacific Island countries – are under considerable strain.

Farmers reap benefits from growing exports

Can trade be a catalyst for change? With the region’s agriculture and forestry exports seen as having sustainable growth potential – and the ability to transform rural livelihoods, the answer may be yes.

Helping islands countries cope with climate change

The adverse effects of climate variability and climate change are putting additional pressure on already vulnerable Pacific Island states and affecting the very basics of survival – fresh water supply and food production.

Lasting change

Many Pacific Island countries and territories (PICTs) face a great number of challenges today. In order to build robust economies and deliver lasting benefits to their people, these PICTs must address the pressing issues of the day such as climate change, natural disasters and dwindling fisheries resources – to name ...