February 2015

Fuel prices stay high in Vanuatu

Tony Wilson

THERE is growing anger in Vanuatu as fuel prices remain high while dropping elsewhere in the Pacific. World fuel prices have dropped 50 per cent since January 2014 and crude oil is currently around US$50 a barrel compared to US$117 in 2007. In Australia, fuel prices have dropped from around ...

January 2015

Oil price impacts PNG revenue

Davendra Sharma

A wave of optimism was about to sweep through the finance sector in Papua New Guinea in 2015 as the country appeared to be on track to reap a revenue windfall from sales of oil this year. But falling world oil prices in December have put pressure on the profitability ...

December 2014

Underground project heats up in Vanuatu

Tony Wilson

Unlike most of the island of Efate in Vanuatu, Takara is flat, sparsely vegetated and frankly boring to the eye. About 50-minutes north east from the capital, Port Vila, it was an airstrip for the US military during World War 2, but today it has nothing special to commend it ...

February 2014

Low copra prices prompts Karkar’s bio-fuel diesel

Sam Vulum

The plummeting world copra prices has forced copra plantation owners to look for other avenues to raise the value of their copra.

December 2013

Pacific pushes ahead milestone initiative for resilient energy policy systems

Tevita Motulalo*

Opinion =========== The Pacific is growing in its geostrategic value to global power projections. Having the region vulnerable to economic collapse—driven by acute energy deficiency and price volatility—is to entertain competition and conflict. This invites instability in a region whose control is central and inimical to global power relationships, especially ...

May 2013

Tapping into a goldmine of energy statistics

Do you know what percentage of the population in your country has access to electricity? Do you know how dependent your country is on fuel imports? Do you know what the energy consumption level is in your country? Do you know what the carbon footprint of your country is?

The Pacific to work together to achieve renewable energy targets

Wed 27 Mar 2013 -

AUCKLAND, NZ---- The Cook Islands Prime Minister, Henry Puna has called for a stronger, unified effort by the Pacific to break its dependency on fossil fuels.

May 2012

Multi-million dollar business deal let-down

Alfred Sasako

Businessman David Iro, who pioneered solar development in his native Solomon Islands, was looking forward to cap off his success by manufacturing solar for the first time this yea—12 years after he started from almost nothing.

July 2012

Sustainable energy for all

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All), recognising that access to modern, affordable energy services in developing countries is essential for sustainable development.

February 2013

Can Obama’s green promise hold candle to Big Oil?

Dev Nadkarni

In his second and final stint at the helm of the world’s most powerful country, President Barack Obama can afford to go for broke. He does not have to deal with any possibility of a re-election and knows this is his opportunity to give his best shot at fixing things ...

January 2013

Tokelau leads the world on renewable energy

David Sheppard

On 29 October, 2012, Tokelau became the first country in the world to be producing one hundred percent of its electricity from a renewable source—the sun.

March 2012

Reducing fuel dependency

Energy plays a critical role in the development efforts of the Pacific region. For instance, access to affordable and sustainable sources of energy has strong linkages with the reduction of hardship and poverty.

February 2012

Energy-efficient appliances offer savings for Pacific

Around 7 million out of the 10 million people living in the Pacific Islands countries and territories still do not have access to any form of electricity. Therefore, the region has largely concentrated on generating extra electricity.