February 2014

Solomons faces potential economic rescue

Alfred Sasako

As it edges closer to an election later this year, the Hapi Isles appears to be in an economic turmoil.

December 2013

Education leads to transformation

Kate King

Sometimes it only takes one determined person to bring about dramatic transformation. Olokolas Sisim, of the Pamosu language community, is such a man. In 2000, Sisim attended a literacy course run by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) in PNG and was inspired to start a school for his community.

November 2013

Empowering women and supporting communities

For 50 years, the Community Education Training Centre (CETC) in Narere, Fiji, has empowered hundreds of women who have gone on to make strong contributions to development. CETC was founded in 1963 as a programme of the South Pacific Commission, now the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). It was ...

April 2013

USP: A silent achiever

Dr Satish Chand

As a graduate of the University of the South Pacific (USP) and for someone who taught there for two years, I have a soft spot for this premier tertiary institution of the Pacific. USP is far from being perfect, but it is the one shining example from the many regional ...

New UN study proposes ways to close additional $10 billion funding gap for education

Tue 19 Mar 2013 -

PARIS, France ---It is possible to help make basic education universal by 2015, despite a global funding gap which increased to US$26 billion from US$16 billion during the past three years, according to new figures released today by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

March 2013

USP needs $242m to implement Strategic Plan

Robert Matau

The University of the South Pacific will require $242 million to finance its Strategic Plan which aims to focus on meeting the needs of the region.

July 2011

University aplenty

Samisoni Pareti

For a small islands nation, Fiji has too many universities that are creating waste and un-necessary duplication of roles and courses, a Fiji-born lawyer and former diplomat has said.

May 2012

Steaming ahead with K5.8m development

Patrick Matbob

PNG Maritime College, the Pacific’s premier maritime institution, is steaming ahead with the opening of new facilities to lift the standard of seamen training in the region.

Taming the ‘Long brown tail’

Peter Rees

Young Pacific people are doing better in the classroom, according to newly released data. But together with Maori, they are still lagging way behind their European and Asian peers in New Zealand schools.

Assessing children’s literacy and numeracy

Strong literacy and numeracy skills are the critical foundation for learning and for a lifetime of success.

September 2012

Educating for a sustainable future

Seema Deo & David Sheppard

Our islands continue to be threatened by so many issues—waste and pollution; degradation of natural ecosystems; invasive species; overfishing; and of course, climate change and natural disasters. At times, it just appears to be overwhelming.

Australia extends partnership with USP

Fri 01 Feb 2013 -

SUVA, Fiji (USP) -- A special function to mark the one-year partnership extension for the year 2013 between the University of the South Pacific and Australia was held on 30 January.

October 2012

The Fourth Estate stoush

The media's role is said to be to hold a mirror to the government and to society without fear or favour. But Pacific media practitioners and academics are doing a disservice to their professions and to media consumers at large as they continue blackening one other's faces putting their narrow ...