Book reviews

February 2015

China’s engagement with the Pacific defined

Patrick Matbob

THE rise in Pacific and Asian countries engagement in small businesses to large scale resource development is having a significant impact in the region today. The late Professor Emeritus Ron Crocombe estimated in 2006 that there were some 80,000 Asians of ethnic Chinese descent in the Pacific Islands with Papua ...

October 2014

Sandalwood Blood: A tiny glimpse of history

Larry Thomas

The sandalwood trade flourished in Fiji in the 19th century with China being one of the main recipients of the much desired wood. But business back then was not as straightforward as one would have hoped and given the lucrative trade in sandalwood, the buying and selling fetched such good ...

August 2014

A Fijian Memoir

Pratap Chand, Vicas Press Review by Larry Thomas

Quite often prominent people are encouraged by their family and friends to write their book, tell their stories, document their rise or fall. More often than not it is not so pleasant to recount the latter. There is often the assumption that if one is rich, famous or well known ...

August 2013

Spellbound Mystery: The Untold Story

Diane Duthweller

Thirty-five years after the mysterious deaths of an American couple on their sailboat in French Polynesia, we may finally know what happened to Loren and Joanne Edwards. The FBI labelled it a “Crime on the High Seas: Murder”, but closed the case without filing charges.

January 2013

Book Review: The Last Wild Island: Saving Tetepare

Ann Bolch

When someone asks me a question for which I don’t know the answer, I often ask a question in return: “How long’s a piece of string?” This saying came to mind time and again as I read The Last Wild Island: Saving Tetepare by John Read. Such is the implicit ...