December 2014

Fiji’s tourist numbers soar

Samisoni Pareti

Strong growth in the emerging source markets of China and India should see increases in tourist numbers in Fiji in the new year. That’s the prediction of Tourism Fiji’s 2015 marketing plan at its reveal before industry players last October. TF’s acting CEO Ken Freer says total visit arrivals in ...

Fiji, Solomon Air War Worsens

Samisoni Pareti
Tue 29 Jul 2014 -

The flight dispute between Fiji and Solomon Islands has worsened with Fiji announcing its decision to prevent Air Niugini from picking up Solomon Airline passengers from Nadi International Airport.

July 2014

Fiji Airways starts new Suva-Apia link

Merita Huch

Fiji Airways – Fiji’s national carrier – introduced a new direct flight linking the country’s capital with that of Samoa’s. There had always been two flights out of Fiji for Apia in the past. However, Fiji Airways from June has announced three more flights out of Nadi and two direct ...

Samoa airline hits bumps

Samisoni Pareti

Plans by the American Samoa based airline Inter Island Airways to enter Fiji’s domestic air service have been delayed by numerous compliance requirements.

Multi-million dollar Fiji airport upgrade

Samisoni Pareti

Nadi International Airport will receive a massive $102 million facelift to give it an attractive and modern look as part of plans to create a striking impression of the South Pacific’s most integral airport.

June 2014

Air Marshall Islands’ ongoing downward spiral

Giff Johnson

In 2003, an ADB report said: “The financial position of Air Marshall Islands is precarious—it has never made an operating profit and depends heavily on government subsidies.” Ten years on, a report issued late last year had this to say about the government-owned national airline: “Air Marshall Islands has been ...

10,000 foreign workers to go in the Marianas

Haidee V. Eugenio

“It will be a disaster,” said Juan T. Guerrero, general manager of the largest and oldest bakery in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, as he ponders on the fate of this U.S. territory if and when some 10,000 foreign workers that the local economy has relied upon are ...

Fiji Airways codeshares with Etihad Airways

Dionisia Tabureguci
Wed 16 Apr 2014 -

Fiji Airways today announced a new codeshare agreement with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, expected to translate to new markets for Fiji tourism and trade.

April 2014

Impact on Brand Malaysia

“Many lessons are there to be learned from the unfortunate, as yet unexplained disappearance of MH 370. And it is imperative that all parties concerned need to be transparent – not least the concerned airline and the country’s Government” ------------------------------------------------------------------------

December 2013

More flights to HK, LA to boost 2013 visitor arrivals

Robert Matau

In the first quarter of 2013, the Pacific recorded 230 flights per week, bringing in 327,199 tourists for that period—a 2.6 percent decline in visitor numbers due to flooding and cyclones in 2012 in Fiji, the region’s main tourist hub.

Domestic issues taking its toll on Samoa Air

Robert Matau

Samoa Air has taken drastic steps to stay afloat by making staff redundant and selling an aircraft. Airline’s chief executive Chris Langton told ISLANDS BUSINESS that they have had to take the action because of two issues involving the state-owned airline—Polynesian Airlines Limited (PAL). PAL reopened Fagalii Airport on Upolu ...

Combine premiums way to go for Pacific airlines

Robert Matau

The fact that the global aviation industry is enjoying a period of safety is good news for the travelling public. But for the aviation insurance industry, this is cutting into their ability to secure more business and higher premiums. An aviation analysis by Willis Aerospace’s Research, Analysis, Marketing Support (RAMS) ...

Air transport taxes can impact tourism development

A dangerous trend is emerging in the Pacific Islands region, where poorly conceived taxes on travel and tourism seem to be spiralling out of control

November 2013

Gizo airport opens for business

Evan Wasuka

Solomon Islands’ busiest domestic airport, Gizo in the Western Province, is back in business with a new all-weather runway, following a five-month closure. The newly refurbished runway was opened by Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo in September. Solomon Airlines General Manager Operations and Commercial Gus Kraus said the improved infrastructure ...

Pichler reconsiders fresh alliance with Qantas

Davendra Sharma

Fiji’s national airline Fiji Airways is reconsidering a fresh alliance with Qantas under a four-pillar plan. At the centre of talks involving management of the two airlines is a former Virgin Airways executive, Stefan Pichler, now at the helm of Fiji Airways.

September 2013

Islands discuss aviation gas emissions

Robert Matau

As the world of aviation grapples with how to accept and implement an aviation gas emissions scheme championed by the European Union, three Pacific Islands nations are gearing towards compliance as they intensify their climate change initiatives.


Dionisia Tabureguci & Robert Matau

If a one-Pacific aviation market sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true and will never happen. No matter how many blueprints are designed to catalyse it, the near utopian vision of ‘open skies’ in this part of the world is believed to ...

EU faces dilemma as aviation climate deal stays grounded

Aoife O’Leary
Mon 02 Sep 2013 -

Aviation is responsible for 5% of global warming emissions and this share is growing.

Pacific to add an ATR72-600 to fleet

Fri 26 Jul 2013 -

Pacific Sun, Fiji Airways’ regional subsidiary, will lease an ATR 72-600 aircraft, to add to its fleet of two ATR 42-500 and three DHC Havilland Twin Otter aircraft. Pacific Sun signed a formal Letter of Intent (LOI) for this leased aircraft with the Singapore-based aircraft leasing company Avation PLC.

July 2013

Cutting costs and remaining profitable

Geoge Faktaufon*

The airline industry is characterised by low profit margins and high fixed costs, primarily for personnel, aircraft fuel, debt servicing and aircraft lease rentals. The expenses of a flight do not vary significantly with the number of passengers carried and as a result, a relatively small change in the number ...

Air Marshall faces difficult future

Giff Johnson

The issue for the Marshall Islands government and its national carrier, Air Marshall Islands (AMI), is not whether the airline can make money. The answer to that question is known: it has not generated a profit in its 33 years of operations.

Tax relief, open skies deal with Singapore

Robert Matau

Tonga’s aviation industry is looking bright with a tax relief for its locally-owned aircraft and an open skies agreement with Singapore.

Oustanding issues to be thrashed out at ASPA

Robert Matau

Outstanding issues regarding airlines in the region will be discussed at the Association of South Pacific Airlines (ASPA) meeting in Nadi. ASPA Secretary-General George Faktaufon said contentious issues like air services matters between Vanuatu and Fiji would likely be discussed during the meeting which will be held at Tanoa International ...

Samoan tourism in crisis?

Jason Brown

Samoan people are starting to think the unthinkable—that the region’s longest running administration might be on shaky ground.

What affluent Chinese tourists want?

Davendra Sharma

Everyone talks of more trade ties or aid handouts from China but few in the region are serious about luring the big-spending Chinese tourists, considered by experts to be the fastest-growing US$85 billion market in the world.