Asylum babies ‘must not be sent to PNG’

Wed 16 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia --- Lawyers representing 26 ­babies born in Australia to asylum-seeker parents have threatened urgent court action unless Immigration Minister Scott Morrison pledges that the families will not be sent to Nauru or Manus Island.

Japanese whalers plan new Antarctic hunt

Mon 14 Apr 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ---Japan's whalers expect to return to the Antarctic, despite losing an International Court of Justice case brought against them by Australia banning their current hunt.

Samoa's version of cricket, kilikiti, on display in Melbourne tournament

Mon 14 Apr 2014 -

MELBOURNE, Australia -----Melbourne's Samoan community has held a tournament for their own unique version of cricket, known as kilikiti.

Immigration Minister: Real promise for regional resettlement deal with Cambodia, Nauru

Fri 11 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ---- Asylum seekers on Nauru could find themselves in Cambodia if Australia seals a deal with the two countries.

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says refugees will be temporarily resettled on Nauru

Fri 11 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ----Some asylum seekers held in detention on Nauru will be able to temporarily resettle on the island if they are found to be refugees.

US may be 'very large player' in Asian LNG

Tue 08 Apr 2014 -

PERTH, Australia ----US exports of liquefied natural gas are set to pose a competitive threat to high-cost Australian producers, even if their domestic gas prices rise, according to experts.

Cloudy future for Coca-Cola Amatil

Tue 08 Apr 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ---Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has announced a five-year multi-million dollar contract to host its SAP infrastructure in IBM’s Sydney data centre.

Australian foreign affairs public servants on collision course with their bosses

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia -----Public servants at the merged foreign affairs department are on a collision course with their bosses after left-leaning AusAID trade unionists crushed their conservative DFAT colleagues in an internal power struggle.

Popular Air Marshal Mark Binskin to lead Australian Defence Force

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ---A former navy pilot who transferred to the RAAF as a young officer will be named this week as the new chief of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Australian Immigration Minister Morrison to be briefed on Manus incident

Wed 02 Apr 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia -----The Australian immigration department will brief minister Scott Morrison on the latest findings into the death of an asylum seeker at Manus Island.

New kind of company helps Melanesians go into business

Wed 26 Mar 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ---- A new business model has been introduced in Solomon Islands, specifically designed to take account of Melanesian culture.

Some Melanesian women falling victim to jealous men after empowerment

Mon 24 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia --- As some Melanesian women start to reap the benefits of economic empowerment, they're also becoming more vulnerable of falling victim to jealousy, according to the International Women's Development Agency.

Scott Morrison defends move by PNG to call halt to Manus Island detention centre inquiry

Mon 24 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ---- Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has defended Papua New Guinea's moves to end a judicial inquiry into human rights inside the Manus Island detention centre.

Australia pushes for Fiji to rejoin the Commonwealth

Wed 19 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ----- The Australian Government has welcomed Fiji's inclusion in the Commonwealth Games before the country's return to democracy later in the year, and is pushing for it to be welcomed back into the Commonwealth itself.

Australia urged to drop Fiji sanction

Fri 14 Mar 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ---- An Australian academic has called for sanctions on Fiji's government to be dropped immediately.

Triton drone surveillance fleet to be based at Edinburgh air force base in Adelaide

Thu 13 Mar 2014 -

ADELAIDE, Australia ----- A fleet of surveillance drones based at Adelaide's Edinburgh air force base will play a vital role in the country's defence systems, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says.

‘Asylum standards top those of PNG’: Bishop

Wed 12 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia --- Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has claimed asylum-seekers on Papua New Guinea enjoy better conditions than the general living standards on Manus Island.

Manus Island riot: full report by Australian official may not be released

Wed 12 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ---- Australians may not see the full report by Robert Cornall into the fatal riot on Manus Island, because both the Australian and Papua New Guinean governments will receive an account in which immigration officials have already “merged” the findings of investigations being undertaken by each country.

Riot on agenda in Labor PNG talks

Tue 11 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia --- Labor’s immigration spokesman Richard Marles has “no doubt” the riot at Manus Island will be raised when he holds asylum seeker talks with Papua New Guinea's foreign minister.

Australia's asylum-seeker obsession risks damaging PNG relations

Fri 07 Mar 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia --- Foreign Minister Julie Bishop believes PNG is one of Australia's highest foreign policy priorities and is committed to strengthening ties with PNG.

Nauru and PNG complain of Australian media coverage

Fri 07 Mar 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ----The governments of Nauru and Papua New Guinea are complaining about media reports surrounding asylum seeker detention centres they host.

Academics advise new approach to Pacific pooling resources

Tue 04 Mar 2014 -

MELBOURNE, Australia --- The Development Policy Centre at the Australian National University wants to see more rigorous scrutiny of attempts to pool resources in the Pacific.

Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activists accuse government of failing to take action against Japanese whalers

Mon 03 Mar 2014 -

HOBART, AUSTRALIA ---- Conservationists blocked from protesting against Japanese whaling are appealing for stronger action by the Australian government over the high-seas conflict.

Killer of asylum-seeker in Manus Island riot still not identified

Mon 03 Mar 2014 -

CANBERRA, Australia ----- Scott Morrison says he is developing “a clearer picture” of what occurred during the Manus Island riot, although he still does not know who killed asylum-seeker Reza Berati.

Paradise found: world's best island named in annual TripAdvisor awards

Wed 26 Feb 2014 -

SYDNEY, Australia ----Tripadvisor has named the world's best islands in its Traveller’s Choice Island Awards.