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Traditional canoes join UN SIDS Conference in Apia

Samisoni Pareti in Apia, Samoa
Mon 01 Sep 2014 -

Two traditional canoes have arrived in Apia from Hawaii as part of a campaign to urge world leaders to take greater action to protect our oceans.

Spectacular start to UN Conference on SIDS in Samoa

Samisoni Pareti, in Apia, Samoa.
Sun 31 Aug 2014 -

Samoa lifted its restrictions on work and cultural activities on Sunday to put on a spectacular cultural show to welcome United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and leaders and officials of UN member countries that are in Apia to attend the 3rd international conference on small-island developing states.

February 2014

Tattoo business takes off in Samoa

Merita Huch

When the gift of tattoo was given to Samoan twin girls in Fiji, they swam all the way to Samoa to perform the first tatau.

September 2013

Use of Pacific motifs land global brands in hot water

Rajan Sami

Hell hath no fury like a Samoan scorned. At least that’s what global sportswear behemoth Nike discovered in early August when it released photos of women’s workout gear bearing the pe’a—the traditional Samoan men’s tattoo.

June 2013

Scholars digitise endangered languages

Dionisia Tabureguci

Some languages from the Pacific islands are part of a significant collection of endangered languages that have been added onto the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s Australian Memory of the World Project (UNESCO Australian MOW).

May 2013

‘A matai title is an obligation’

Merita Huch

Born and raised in New Zealand, Ta’iai Tufue Pisa received a typical Kiwi upbringing where she was involved only in the faa-Samoa through church activities and within her family. She never thought she would be taking up a role as a matai in her family.

March 2013

Talking in tongues

Nic Maclellan

As a young teacher, Kanak poet and author Dewe Gorode encouraged her students to use their local language as well as French.

May 2012

Pacifica inspired fashion

Dev Nadkarni

It’s easy to spot Pacifica products such as handbags made from bamboo, pandanus leaves, seashells and so on at events like Pasifika, the world’s largest Polynesian festival that takes place annually in Auckland.

Selling culture

Solomon Islands artist Ralph Ako makes detailed woodblock prints that depict his country’s traditional symbols. Hailing from a tiny island in the Marovo Lagoon, he uses wood carving skills the area is renowned for to make prints of local flora and fauna on handcrafted paper made from local plant fibres.

June 2012

‘Everything will be finished on time’: Au

Alfred Sasako

By the time you’re reading this article, Solomon Islands will be ready—so say the organisers of the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts—to receive its Pacific guests for what promises to be a fun-filled two weeks of cultural festivities.

July 2012

Honiara comes alive for Arts Festival

Koroi Hawkins

Pacific Islands delegates from Nauru, New Zealand and Niue were the first to arrive in Honiara for the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts.

September 2012

First all-women fautasi crew

Merita Huch

Since the history of long boat (fautasi) race in Samoa, there had never been an all-women crew competing in this tough competition.

February 2013

Islands culture fuels success

Giff Johnson

What is remarkable in modern urban planning in the Pacific islands—everything from education and health to economic development—is the lack of appreciation for cultural skills and pride as key foundational building blocks for success.

Promoting Pacific art and culture

February and March are two months that have become important months for many things Pacific—particularly arts, crafts and culture—in the islands’ two big industrialised neighbours, Australia and New Zealand. Being the first significant events after the extended year-end holiday period, they bring with them a certain freshness and a sense ...

April 2012

Pacific storytelling breaks new ground

Peter Rees

An award winning Samoan feature film has put Pacific culture on the world map.

March 2012

Mai Veikau: A Call for Action, Not Wonder

Dr Randy Thaman

The 2nd edition of Mai Veikau: Tales of Fijian Wildlife, by Dick Watling, is a must read for anyone interested in “island life”.

January 2012

Who are the winners and losers in Pacific fisheries?

Toss Gascoigne

Pacific nations are under a good deal of pressure to sustain their fish resources and maintain a vital source of food. Now climate change poses a fresh challenge.