February 2015

Cattle shipment in biosecurity scare

Samisoni Pareti

RISKS associated with bio-security were highlighted when a China-bound cargo boat was turned away from the main port of Suva in Fiji last month. The MV Polaris 2 (pictured) carrying a cargo of 7200 cattles from Chile were escorted out of Suva Harbour by a patrol boat of the Fiji ...

Million-dollar industry hinges on access

Netani Rika

QUALITY trials on a local seafood delicacy are the final process in opening the Australian and Japanese markets to sea urchin from Fiji. A third round of trials will be conducted this month under the supervision of Dr Jimaima Lako of the University of the South Pacific. Cold chain expert ...

China-bound cattle cargo causes Suva Port Scare

Samisoni Pareti
Thu 15 Jan 2015 -

Vigilant bio-security officers in Fiji had to call on the Fiji Navy to escort an international cargo freighter out of Suva Harbour this week because of its undeclared cargo: 7200 heads of cattle.

Consider beche-de-mer farming

Samisoni Pareti in Nadi, Fiji
Thu 07 Aug 2014 -

Farming of beche-de-mer or aquaculture is an option islands of the Pacific could consider as a way to better manage their beche-de-mer resource.

August 2014

Pacific looks to yams as survival food for region

Hilaire Bule

AN indian botanist left Vanuatu at the end of June a proud scientist after a successful pollination and breeding programme on yams. Dr Kuttolarnadathil Abraham, 60, pollinated 8000 hybrids of Vanuatu yam within the one month he spent in the country. Dr K. Abraham - as he is known because ...

February 2014

Low copra prices prompts Karkar’s bio-fuel diesel

Sam Vulum

The plummeting world copra prices has forced copra plantation owners to look for other avenues to raise the value of their copra.

Wetlands and agriculture—partnering for sustainability

We commemorate World Wetlands Day on February 2, each year to mark the birthday of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

Brazil coffee oversupply to hit PNG/Vanuatu

Davendra Sharma

As global supply exceeds demand for coffee for a fourth straight year, small world producers like Papua New Guinea and to lesser extent Vanuatu will feel the pinch of exports dwindling in 2014 in the US$70 billion world market.

June 2013

Tongan vanilla to bounce back

Dionisia Tabureguci

Tonga’s vanilla industry is looking promising again as local growers and exporters clinch new deals likely to lift output over the next year. This comes as the island kingdom enters a very difficult phase economically and any progress in local industries is an important contribution to its recovery. “The vanilla ...

Australia reopens door to Fiji papaya

Wed 10 Apr 2013 -

SUVA, Nadi---- Papaya export to Australia has been reopened. And Fiji is expected to send around two tonnes of papaya worth $24,000 a week to Australia from this week.

PNG Government to fund dairy study

Tue 19 Mar 2013 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG ---- Papua New Guinea Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru has announced that the National Government, through the Department of Trade, Commerce and Industry (DTCI) will fund a comprehensive study into the viability of establishing a Dairy Industry in the Mul-Baiyer Electorate of Western Highlands Province ...

Food shortage looms in Fiji

Wed 06 Mar 2013 -

SUVA, Fiji ---- The continuous heavy rain in the West has affected land preparation and farming and this could result in a spike in vegetable and root crop prices as well as contribute to shortages over the next few months.

July 2012

Farmers reap benefits from growing exports

Can trade be a catalyst for change? With the region’s agriculture and forestry exports seen as having sustainable growth potential – and the ability to transform rural livelihoods, the answer may be yes.

August 2012

The ticking time bomb of food security

Dev Nadkarni

Last month, Kiribati President Anote Tong, when asked why his country was acquiring land in Fiji, said it was primarily for reasons of food security. He dispelled the notion that the move was for finding a new home for Kiribati citizens.

September 2012

Innovative, sustainable food growing solution for the Pacific unveiled

Aquaponics – an innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and scientifically proven food growing technology that is also commercially viable has been unveiled in the Pacific Islands region last month.

Changing donors’ focus

‘How and why have Asian growers overtaken fruit and vegetable exports from the islands? The answers are not far to seek. What separates Pacific Islands and Asian grower exporters like those from the Philippines are economies of scale, reliable supply chain systems and management, investment in technology and strong partnerships ...

Fake farmers swindle K300 million in PNG

Fri 01 Feb 2013 -

PORT MORESBY, PNG (THE NATIONAL) ---- Bogus farmers swindled up to K300 million (US$143 million) from the National Agriculture Development Plan fund from 2009 to 2011, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has revealed.

December 2012

Exporting guides for Pacific agribusiness

A regional and a global organisation have collaborated to launch a set of six new exporting guides for Pacific islands exporters of agriculture products. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and Pacific Islands Trade & Invest (PT&I), the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat’s trade and investment arm, ...

Red alert on Fiji's Fish, Sugar

Dionisia Tabureguci & Robert Matau

A red alert is on for two of Fiji’s major export commodities—fish, which earns around $200 million in foreign exchange annually—and sugar, which rakes in around $100 million a year.

November 2012

Region’s food production under the microscope

A regional meeting has stressed the need to address the strategic threats faced by the region’s agriculture and forestry services in the face of fears for future food security. Regional heads of Agriculture and Forestry Services meet every two years to review and provide guidance to the work programme of ...

October 2012

Expand Fairtrade in Fiji sugar industry

Fairtrade certification of sugar cane in Vanua Levu, Fiji, is producing significant economic benefits, according to a new study by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC).

September 2012

Growing local is in everybody’s reach

Access to regular and affordable supply of nutritious food and freshwater for drinking and domestic use faces growing challenges on multiple fronts. We looked at food security and access to freshwater situation in the Pacific Islands region in last month’s column. Let’s look at the challenges this presents to vulnerable ...