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By Robert Matau

Mon 05 Aug 2013

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TUVALU’s new Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga will be sworn in with his cabinet today at 2pm after the Opposition won a motion of vote of no confidence last Friday.

Soon to be Foreign Affairs Minister Taukelina Finikaso told Islands Business that nominations for Prime Minister were presented to the Governor General on Saturday

"On Sunday we held a special session to elect the Prime Minister, which was presided over by the Governor General Sir Iakoba Italeli.

“We won 8 votes to 5 and declared Enele as our new Prime Minister,” he said.

Vete Sakaio a civil engineer by trade, is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Public Utilities.  Sakaio was also a cabinet minister in the Maatia Toafa’s government in 2010.

Toafa takes over the portfolio of Finance and Economic Development.

Monise Lafai becomes Minister for Communications and Transport.  He too served as Finance Minister in Toafa’s cabinet.

Fauoa Maani takes over the portfolio of Education Youth Sports and Health. He served as Health Minister in the Toafa cabinet.

Namoliki Neemia becomes Minister for Home Affairs and Rural development.

Nukufetau MP Pita Elisala, who forced the numbers against Willy Telavi’s Government by winning the Nukufetau by-election in June, becomes Minister for Natural Resources.

Government now has eight members as opposed to the Opposition’s five, including the Speaker.  The resignation of Taom Tanukale as Health Minister and the long absence of Falesa Pitoi, former Health Mnister means the Opposition has to work hard to match Government’s numbers in parliament.

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