Tuvalu govt bombshells

By Robert Matau

Tue 30 Jul 2013

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Two bombshells rocked the Tuvalu Government when parliament began this morning.

They lost a motion to dissolve parliament before a vote of no confidence could be taken against them. And then health minister Taom Tanukale resigned from parliament dwindling government’s number further from five to four.

When parliament opened in the morning Prime Minister Willie Telavi raised a motion to dissolve parliament.

However in a taste of things to come, his motion was defeated by the Opposition; 8 votes to five.

Telavi would have had six members on his side. But his Education Minister Falesa Pitoi has been sick since December and unable to return to Tuvalu.

Opposition Member Taukelina Finikaso said Health Minister Tanukale shocked everyone by handing his resignation to the Speaker in the afternoon saying he was resigning from the House.

“Even we were shocked to hear of this resignation,” Finikaso told Islands Business.

“So when the House resumes tomorrow, Government will only have four members against the Opposition’s eight.

“Our vote of no confidence will come tomorrow and we are focussing our efforts on that.”

With the resignation, Tuvalu could be heading for another by election on the island of Nui.

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