Tuvalu’s parliament convenes July 30

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By Robert Matau

Wed 03 Jul 2013

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Tuvalu’s Governor General has used his directionary powers to order parliament to convene on July 30, to the joy of the Opposition which now has one seat more in parliament than government.

Secretary to Government, Panapasi Nelesoni confirmed to Islands Business a minute ago that he has sent the proclamation from the Governor General Sir Iakoba Italeli for publishing in their gazette.

Opposition member Taukelina Finikaso said democracy and the wheels of justice are moving as they should be and they were grateful for his stand on the matter.

“It looks like we have seen the end of the uncertainty that reigned in Tuvalu for the last six months,” Finikaso said.

“We have seen the letters and notice and we have another 27 days until the beginning of parliament.”

Finikaso said the Opposition was going to move a motion of no confidence once parliament is called and they would announce their candidate for Prime Minister.  

The current Prime Minister is Willie Telavi.

The Opposition went to Sir Iakoba on Saturday a day after their choice for the Nukufetau by-election, Pita Elisala, won the seat that toppled the balance of power in their favour.

They asked Sir Iakoba to use his discretionary powers to call parliament in accordance with the constitution.

The oppositon is led by former Foreign Affairs Minister Enele Sopoaga who is likely to the Opposition’s candidate for prime minister. However Opposition MPs will be meeting shortly to decide on their choice for the post of prime minister.

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