350 plus dolphins caught, slaughtered in Solomon Islands


Tue 18 Feb 2014

Solomon Islands
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HONIARA, Solomon Islands --- Up to three hundred and fifty (350) plus dolphins have been claimed to have been caught and slaughtered on Fanalei Island on Small Malaita last week.

Mostly known for their extra-ordinary dolphin hunting or harvesting (as they call it) skills, the hunters set sail all of last week however could not successfully lead the dolphins home, not until a couple more days later that the hunters were finally successful.

“After some very tiring days of unsuccessful hunting, we finally made the catch we have all had anticipated.

“More than three hundred and fifty (350) dolphins were brought into our harbor by the hunters.

“Now that we are successful, the meat and teeth of the dolphins can help sustain us a couple more weeks before we see fit to go out hunting again,” veteran and experienced dolphin hunter Philip Ouou claimed in a phone call from Fanalei.

For the past one and a half weeks, the villagers on Fanalei had been helping out a news crew from Aljazeera English Network, who was on the island filming a documentary on dolphin hunting.

Attempts to have made a successful catch during the foreigners stay on the island were unsuccessful, not until a day after they had left.

“We the hunters were very much not united during the crews stay on Fanalei. That is why we had unsuccessful attempts to bring home the dolphins.

“However after they have left, we then put our minds together, united and went on the hunt, resulting in the successful catch,” Ouou said.

The latest catch brings the total number of dolphins caught only this year superseding one thousands.

This however has the potential to stir up more criticism from mostly international animal activists and organizations.

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