New PNG envoy to EU aims to strengthen ties


Tue 22 Oct 2013

Papua New Guinea
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PORT MORESBY, PNG -- Former Petromin boss Joshua Kalinoe left the country Monday to take up his post as Papua New Guinea ambassador to Belgium, the European Union and the World Trade Organisation.

He said his biggest challenge was to strengthen ties between Papua New Guinea, the European Union and the WTO on the recently signed preferential trade agreement that opened up trade of PNG tuna in the European market.

“PNG is the only country in the region to have a unique bilateral agreement with the European Union and my challenge is to connect, unite, harmonise and consolidate PNG with the rest of the world,” Kalinoe said.

He said such agreements with the EU were for the mutual benefit of the country.

The former chief secretary to government said that trade and investment were his major assignments on this mission.

Kalinoe commended the government for his appointment as head of mission and said he would do his best to uphold the integrity of the office in Belgium. He will be replacing Peter Maginde.

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