Solomon Islands commends NZ for the RSE scheme


Fri 08 Mar 2013

New Zealand
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WELLINGTON, New Zealand ---- Solomon Islands Foreign Minister,Clay Forau Soalaoi,has commended the New Zealand Government for the establishment of the Recognized Seasonal Employment Scheme (RSE), which is now benefiting a lot of Pacific Island countries, including Solomon Islands.

He said since the start of the RSE some six years ago or earlier than that, a good number of Pacific Island countries, including Solomon Islands, is now engaging with New Zealand under the RSE.

He added that the scheme provides a good opportunity for Pacific Islanders to work in New Zealand in the horticulture industry and other farms there.

“Apart from the income and savings they derive from their work in New Zealand, the scheme also provides an opportunity for Pacific Island countries to build long term relationship and friendship and people to people contact with their employers and communities in New Zealand,” said Minister Forau.

Minister Forau made the comments in the New Zealand capital, Wellington, when he met with the New Zealand Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse on Monday this week.

He conveyed to Minister Woodhouse and the New Zealand Government our appreciation and gratitude to the New Zealand Government for inclusion of Solomon Islands in the RSE and added that Solomon Islands is greatly benefiting from the scheme and would like to see an increase in the number of Solomon Islands seasonal workers in New Zealand in the future.

At the same time, Forau noted that the scheme is a private sector and industry driven and depends entirely on the jobs available in the various horticulture industries and Farms in New Zealand.

He further added that the scheme also provides an opportunity for Solomon Islanders to come and work in the horticulture industry in New Zealand, thus contributing towards the economic development of New Zealand.

Minister Woodhouse commended Minister Forau and Solomon Islands for its engagement in the RSE which benefited both New Zealand and Solomon Islands and that New Zealand is pleased to have Solomon Islands workers working under the RSE in New Zealand.

Minister Forau and his delegation, comprising of the Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Bernard Bata’anisia, and senior officials from the Trade, Labour and Immigration Divisions, continue on their visit in New Zealand, visiting various farms and meeting with Solomon Islands seasonal workers in and around Napier city.

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