President Dabwido gives it another go

By Robert Matau

Thu 06 Jun 2013

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Controversial Nauru President Sprent Dabwido is amongst Nauru’s 68 candidates who go to the poll this weekend vying for a spot in a 19-seat parliament.

President Dabwido, who will stand in the Meneng district, which will benefit with an extra seat in the bigger parliament, declared a State of Emergency last month bringing forward the election date from June 22 to June 8.

Parliament passed the extra seat from 18 to 19 members in July last year.

The additional member will be placed in the Meneng district, taking its representation in parliament to three.

Dabwido, Marcus Stephen, Ludwig Scotty, Godfrey Thoma and Roland Kun will stand for the polls this weekend.

Last April Speaker Ludwig Scotty read out a letter in parliament from President Dabwido seeking to dissolve parliament without holding a debate. 

This was challenged in court by non-Government members and parliament was ordered by Chief Justice Sir Geoffrey Eames to resume and follow proper constitutional procedures. 

Scotty resigned as speaker on April 18 and new Speaker Godfrey Thoma was nominated by Opposition MP and former President Marcus Stephen.

President Dabwido and his members boycotted parliament and avoided an imminent vote of no confidence.

After the last session of parliament last month President Dabwido declared a state of emergency (SOE) to release funds for departmental use and overseas medical referrals, which included funds for food supplies for their hospital.

His own Finance Minister Roland Kun resigned a day after the SOE was declared stating that the President disputing the President’s reasons for making the declaration.

As part of the SOE declaration, he ordered the removal of Speaker Thoma and his deputy for their part in delaying the dissolution.

President Dabwido has also asked local Government media outlets to run all interview requests through him to, ‘stop MPs attacking each other’.

Nauru’s elections office says proxy applications opened on 27 May 2013 when poll date was declared and will close at 11 am tomorrow morning (Friday June 7).

Here the full list of candidates contesting Saturday’s election:

Aiwo Constituency
Lance Agir, Milton Ross Dube, Godfrey Thoma, Pamela Eibutsina Scriven, Dantes Ingin Tsitsi, Aaron Stein Cook, Preston Thoma, Tazio Gideon.

Anabar Constituency
Riddel Akua, Jaden Akua, Tyrone Deiye, Ludwig Derangadage Scotty, Melissa Ika, Paul Nubwitt Doguape.

Anetan Constituency
Haseldon Buraman, Cyril Buraman, Landon Deirerenga, Marcus Stephen, Begg Adire, Paul Ika.

Boe Constituency
Kinza Clodumar, Baron Waqa, Lidira Ephraim, Mathew Batsiua, Abraham Aremwa, Bryan Star.

Bauda Constituency
Vinson Franco Detenamo, Shadlog Bernicke, Roland Kun, Bingham Agir, Ace Capelle, Arrow Depaune, Ishmael Fritz, Sean Halstead.

Meneng Constituency
Lionel Aingimea, Squire Jeremiah, Lyn Wannan, Tawaki Kam, Rykers Solomon, John Taumea Agadio, Elvin Brechterfeld, Sambruce Akibwib, Sprent Arumogo Dabwido, Doneke, Jim Kepae, Clint Deidenang, Nickos Simon, Nemo Levi Agadio, Jerielyn Teleni

Ubenide Constituency
Valdon Kape Dowiyogo, Samuel Hansome Adumur, Russ Kun, Frederick Pitcher, Renos Agege, David Adeang, Ranin Akua, Darned Dongobir, George Giovanni Gioura, Aloysius Amwano, Julian Itsimaera, David Dowiyogo, Arde Ricky Bam, Vyko Pentaz Adeang.

Yaren Constituency
John Daigon Panen Julius, Dominic Tabuna, Charmaine Scotty, Omeri Agigo, Dr Kieren Keke, Brian Amwano.

The election which was pushed from June 22 to Jun 8 is expected to cost AU$40,000.

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