Fiji Strengthens Ties with Central Asia


Thu 05 Dec 2013

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SUVA, FIJI ---- Fiji’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Robin Nair has presented his credentials as Fiji’s non-resident Ambassador Marat Tazhin, Secretary of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 27 November, 2013, at the Ak Orda, Presidential Place in capital Astana.

In his statement, Ambassador Nair conveyed the greetings from the President of the Republic of Fiji, His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to the Secretary of State and Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He added that Fiji’s presence in Central Asia, and in particular Kazakhstan, was most important in furthering Fiji’s diplomatic relations by advancing its bilateral and multilateral relations with the country and the region. Ambassador Nair acknowledged the strength of Kazakhstan economy. He noted, in particular, the success in its Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

Ambassador Nair said, “Both our Governments have shown strong and progressive leadership in the economic development of their countries. The prospects of establishing closer collaboration in many areas, including economic and development cooperation is being enhanced. Fiji also looks forward to engaging with Kazakhstan in the international arena on issues of common global interests”.

In welcoming Ambassador Nair, His Excellency Marat Tazhin, in emphasising the importance of close collaboration, referred specifically to Fiji’s experience in developing its tourism potential so successfully. He sought Fiji’s assistance and advice on tourism development of his own country and said that Kazakhstan intends to send representatives from their Tourism Authority to observe the development of tourism and tourism marketing. His Excellency Tazhin said,

“Geography will re-organise itself once the political will is strong to establish genuine bilateral relations. Fiji has now become close to Kazakhstan and its people today as I welcome Fiji’s first Ambassador to my country”.

Ambassador Nair also, among others, met with the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and briefed him Fiji’s foreign policy and about the emergence of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS) as a strong international voice for the Island States, in all the international fora. The Under-Secretary was particularly interested to hear about the launch of the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) as the voice and aspiration of the PSIDS on their sustainable agenda. He asked for Kazakhstan to be invited as an observer for the second meeting of PIDF. In his meetings with the with the Director of Asia and Pacific Affairs in the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Nair Ambassador welcomed the openness of the Kazakhstan Government to seek areas of development assistance required by Fiji..

Ambassador Nair was accompanied by Counselor Salusalu on this historical occasion as Fiji marked another milestone achievement in its international relations by establishing closer links with a major Central Asian country. Kazakhstan, like Fiji, is a member of the Asia Pacific Group at the United Nations.

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