French Polynesia on UN decolonisation list

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has voted to place French Polynesia back on the UN list of territories that should be decolonised. And it has requested the French Government to “facilitate rapid progress […] towards a self-determination process.”

Adopting a consensus resolution tabled by Nauru, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands, the UNGA affirmed “the inalienable right of the people of French Polynesia to self-determination and independence” under the UN Charter, and declared that “an obligation exists [under the Charter] on the part of the Government of France, as the administering power of the territory, to transmit information on French Polynesia.”
The UNGA’s action places French Polynesia back on the UN list of non-self governing territories, bringing the number of inscriptions to 17.
Meanwhile, President Gaston Flosse has denounced the UNGA decision to reinscribe French Polynesia on the UN list of territories to be decolonised, describing it as dictatorial and vowing that he won’t ever let the UN flag fly on his palace.
The vote in New York, which was boycotted by France, came in the dying hours of the presidency of Oscar Temaru, for whom it was a last minute political win after a personal campaign of more than 30 years. —

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